Saturday, August 27, 2011


So far having Leighton isn't very different then having my other two "normal" kids.  The only differences are she already has stuff.  Most Newborns don't have groups they have already joined, and social events. Leighton does.  She has her United Angels things we go to. She has her physical therapist, and Michelle who comes to visit her. She's who I talk to with what LC needs help with and she sets it up.  We have a few more Doctors appointments like her cardiologist, and I run her to after hours more often to check her ears.  I have to be a little more cautious when shes sick.   Also I enjoy all the small things she's does more.  Like she rolled from her tummy to her back by herself 3 times in a row yesterday, and she moves all around to the different hanging toys she wants to play with now. I'm like oh my gosh and I clap for her because she is being so "normal", and she smiles so big cause she knows she's a little "rock star" (that's what Michelle calls her because she does so well).  
She even got to try some rice cereal today, and I was worried the first few bites because her tongue thrust,

but then I remembered my other two did just the same and by the end she was opening her mouth and doing it so much better.  
 She sits and chats to her toys, and animals.  She likes to hear her voice, and she's been studying her hands and trying to make them work better.  She's just so cute.  I'm totally in love with this Leighty Bug.



  1. She is a rock star. And I'm loving all those pictures of her. Thank you for being a professional at everything you do! quilting, crafting and now photography too :). We need to see Leighty bug soon, it's been too long. And sounds like she has a lot of new tricks to show off.

  2. So cute, I love the name Leighty Bug!!! Give her some kisses from me.