Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth.

Our trip is almost through. It's been so nice to not even think about all the stresses of life for the last few days. We have just been enjoying this time as a family with no distractions.  Leighty love bug has been so good.  
Her first sucker.
First Balloon.

She's done a little of this.
One of my favorite faces she makes cause you can see her dimple.
This little girl smiles all the time, but when I pull the camera out she stops and studies the camera instead.  Even though she's not looking I got it!
This little girl has opinions, and she picks out her toys.  I can tell because when I hold up something she likes she pulls it to her and kisses it or talks to it. She loves red heads, and picked out a baby Ariel.
Somehow we missed sunscreen under her eyes, and she got fried. She doesn't seem to mind though and is still having a blast.


  1. ha ha that made me laugh because we do the toy picking thing with Sophie too. At first I thought Jesse was crazy, like she really has a preference. But those babies do, they know what they want. Glad your trip is fun, can't wait to see more pics!

  2. Oh she loves disneyland! What a cutie sucking on that sucker!