Monday, September 19, 2011

Angels or Defects? Maybe just "Kids"

 I read this on another blog and it made me think....

"It seemed and seems to me that people with Down syndrome are seen either as “good-natured,” in a childlike way, or are held up as examples of bad nature. Too often they are seen either as angels or defects; too often, they are seen as perpetual children. I think that we would be better served seeing them as present and future citizens; that our medical interventions would be best if we keep that vision of adulthood and citizenship in mind; and that narrative – a narrative which is clear-eyed about medical realities, yet without surrendering hope – provides one means to make that vision real to the doctors of today and tomorrow."
 (imperfectly perfect photo)
I'm one of those who think of my baby girl as an angel.  I've told people this many times.  There's just something wonderful about this little girl.  In my religion we call it her spirit.  It's her Soul or Aura. She just has this peacefulness and happiness she makes people feel.  Do all DS kids come this way? I don't know.  I believe kids mostly come the way they come.  The whole Nurture VS. Nature thing.  I think it's some of both.  In my two older children they are basically the same as they were as babies.  
(another imperfectly perfect photo)
 My Son is the most needy, was as a baby, and still is.  My Daughter can self satisfy.  She was that way as a baby, and is that way now.  Yes I believe our life experiences shape us, but we deal with things the way we deal with things. So do I think it's good to think of DS kids as kids?  Yes!  They may come as Angels, or they may come a little harder. That's so normal of everyone.  Most mothers love their kids anyway they come.  Yah my Son is harder to get along with then my Daughter, but do I love him any less?  No way.  Both my kids have had some royal tantrums.  I'm sure the people at Target thought my Son had "behavioral problems" after one of his more memorable tantrums. He doesn't, he just didn't eat enough that day and was unreasonable.  Embarrassing? Totally!  Did he get in big trouble? Most definitely.  I know Leighty isn't grown yet, but I'm sure she'll have some of those tantrums too.  She's normal, she's a child, and I fully expect her to have them.  Maybe I even expect it more because I know they have a harder time communicating.  Think of not be able to always get your needs heard.  It would be so frustrating, I might want to throw some tantrums too.  I'm looking forward to being there while this little girl grows up.  There's nothing I want more, with tantrums and all. Leighty's my Angel, just like I think the other two are Angels as well. Their all a little of both, Angels and little devils, their people. Their imperfect, but wonderful and amazing. Their perfectly them!

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