Sunday, February 3, 2013

a new update available...

I have been really bad at posting this month. I blame it on that freezing weather we had. Plus the lack of sunshine.  So how about an update. We have been trying to keep Leighton away from crowds as much as possible. It has been a really harsh winter with weather and people getting sick.
It feels like Leighton has decided shes growing up. 
Its weird a shift happened and she has taken off. She is free standing 

and walking with assistance (pushing strollers, walker, even the dog bowl, and holding my hand) a lot. She has been feeding herself with utensils pretty well too. 
She loves watching signing time and signs at least a handful of things and talks too. We have been going to group therapy really consistently and she loves it.

This shift has been hard. I know it's so good. It's hard to be the one helping, and pushing (therapies)  her to develop and the whole time battling yourself because it really is just going to fast.  She is just too fun.