Thursday, January 10, 2013


 Leights, Hubs, and I started the New Year in Hawaii.  We left the 1st at 4:30 in the morning and flew into Maui. We had a great time, but didn't get to explore Maui much because we had a lot of scheduled events in the mornings and evenings and it takes forever to get around there because they basically have one road, and the speed limit is 35 mph. 

The hotels Private beach 
(it would have been amazing if it wasn't raining we probably would have stayed there the whole trip, Leights was nervous of the ocean that first time)

Hyundai was so awesome. We flew first class on every flight. They paid for all our meals and hotel in Maui, and all our activities. 

The tournament, Our Hotel Room View, & the Jennifer Hudson private dinner 
(some of the PGA guys, and Hyundai Koreans had the dance Moves at her concert. They were all drunk and we weren't so we got to laugh at them ;)
The Climate on Maui was insane. It had all different weather every 10 minutes you would drive. So we did pay to rent a car because our hotel was in Kapalua. It is a spot that rains more then anywhere else on the Island.  It seriously rained at our hotel the whole time we were in Maui. Then we would drive 10 minutes and it would be sunny. We drove to a part of Maui that was called Lahaina (land of the endless sun). Lahaina had the funnest stores to shop at. We hit a beach there recommended for us called Baby beach.

Baby Beach..
Leights go really dirty here!

Hubs decided to skip golfing in the ProAm with a pro because of the weather, and he was so glad. The wind and rain made it so hard for them to golf and that was the day we got to see twin falls.  Because of hubs mission to Chuuk, He knew what all the plants were in Hawaii. We had our own plant guide.

Twin Falls..

We also went Whale watching, and saw 3 whales. One was a baby that was only 1 week old.

Whale Watching..

Then we flew to Oahu for 2 days.  We had to rush through everything we wanted to do because we didn't have enough time, and basically everything but Waikiki closes at 5.  Thank goodness for the Google Map App because the roads were crazy. We also ended up hitting the beach in Waikiki because it was sunny, and close to our hotel.  Leights loves loves the beach!

(She was so cute when she would go down to the beach she would slide backwards on her tummy like she goes down the stairs it was the cutest thing)

Polynesian Cultural Center.
(we only had time for the Fire Dance show)

The LDS temple

The Dole Factory, and Pearl Harbor

 It was such a fun trip. 
We all missed the other two kids like crazy so we were so happy to get home. 

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