Friday, December 14, 2012

first half...

It's been a busy month and I finally feel like it just might be slowing down. The first half of the month Sister has had a lot of dance things going on.  She had two performances.  I just love watching her dance, she's pretty dang cute.  Sister also has her birthday coming and Hubs and I had our anniversary (12 years). Add the Christmas parties in there, school things, plus Leights therapy and this month has been jam packed. The first day of December we made candy cane cupcakes.  They were a huge mess, but pretty fun to decorate.

We finally got our Christmas tree up last week.  We started a tradition with our ornaments on our honeymoon.  We went to New York City, and it was 2 weeks before Christmas. So obviously we needed some ornaments, and we were pretty poor. We bought a few ornaments there as souvenirs.  We got one in a little store by Rockefeller center next to the tree.
It was pretty fun, and it started a tradition that whenever we go on vacation we pick out an ornament or two for our tree.  So obviously we have a lot from Disneyland, but it really is fun to unpack them and remember the trips we took.  For example I have 2 from San Diego when Leights did the photo shoot with Kelle Hampton. It's so fun to remember where and why we got them all. We have new ones this year from Scottsdale, San Fransisco, Boston, and Disneyland (we would have New Orleans too, but hubs broke that on the plane home).  Anyway it's been a fun thing for our family to do.  Yes our tree is a tacky looking thing, but we love it.  Hopefully the month can slow down now.

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  1. I love the ornament idea! Do you guys collect salt & pepper shakers too?