Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maui 2014

(She's serious about tasting the sand…)

Well, Hubs won another incentive trip to Hawaii this year and I talked him into making it into a family vacation.  
(Dad and Leighton in Lahaina) 

All of our schedules aligned and it ended up being perfect timing.  It was so much fun taking all the kids to experience Maui. It was a vacation of many first for them.  

(visiting the Ocean)

We had a little hiccup with Leighton getting sick the second we stepped on the plane and the first two days were a bit of puke-fest, I ended up breaking my camera half way through, but I can say it was probably the best family vacation yet.

(We all voted and this was the best Shave Ice…a must )

(Brother, was a natural at boogie boarding, and fearless touching the sea creatures...he's holding a black starfish)

(Sister…Best quote…Says this is the best day of my life the second her feet touched the ocean)

(and Leighton…. seriously didn't even whine or cry the whole flight while she was 
sick…best child ever)

(everyday we hit the beach, and then went to the pool)

(we saw a lot of fun ocean life..Sea turtles were a big must for sister, to bad we never saw them on the beach, but we saw them swimming by our hotel everyday)

(some Maui sights)

(Seriously these two are the cutest together…)

(it was so fun having our whole family on this one…)


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