Saturday, May 3, 2014

april showers...

We had a jam packed April. 
(some Instagrams)
It started with a baseball tournament and ended with Leighton starting preschool. 

Throw in a "work" trip 

and a birthday 
(Leighton turned 3)
mixed in with the normal things like school, dance, baseball, work, cleaning and it flew bye in a busy whirl. 
We counted and Leighton is up to 7 flights (not counting conections) in 3 years (also there has been drives to disneyland and other places)… she is a little traveler for sure.  

Some pictures of the latest work trip we took with Hubs.

This trip took us to the Florida Keys. Our hotel was on Key Largo at the Ocean Reef Club it was really nice.


Fishing Village

 One of the days we took the SLOW drive to 
Key West

 We visited the Lighthouse

we walked up Duval Street 
(which was a lot like the French Quarter in New Orleans, but it had Roosters and chickens Everywhere??!!??)

We ended the Day, by chance (I guess it's something your supposed to do there) with dinner at Mallory Square and we enjoyed the sunset.

it was a great trip 
(and in May we will be going to Maui again) 

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