Sunday, March 31, 2013

it's been a while...

I haven't posted in forever.  So much has been occupying my time lately.  
So here's a quick look at our March.

We broke ground on our new house. 
We're sad and excited all at once. 

Brother has officially started baseball season

Which means between baseball and dance we have been spending 
a lot of time in the car. 

Leighton swallowed a penny a few Sundays ago and we ended up having to have her transported to Primary's to get it removed. 

We thought this year we wouldn't hit our max out of pocket again. Well just kidding we now have the 10,000 dollar penny incident of 2013! 
It was really sad and scary but all is well with her now. 

We have been enjoying some nice weather this month and we traveled  for a baseball tournament so the kids even got to swim. 


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  1. The house looks so nice! So excited for you guys. And POOR Leighty swallowing a penny! The xray is crazy. And thanks for the awesome blankets. They really are the best.