Friday, August 17, 2012

winding down.

I have been such a slacker with blogging.  I always think next week/ month I
will be less busy,and then I will have time to sit down and write about what's been on my mind. 
Plus do a million other things. Like quilting, making crafts, reading more books....all the fun things I enjoy.  I should just realize that next week or month isn't going to be less busy.  I guess it's just a dream and I don't want to let that dream die.  I can't believe summer is over next week.  Sister is going to be going to school all day now.  It will be an adjustment for Leighton and Me.  

The plan for the first 3 weeks of September is swimming lessons for this little water baby. She will be learning Safety Swimming techniques so she know what to do if she falls in the water.  She is by far my most scary child when it comes to water. She has loved it from her first bath.  Now in the bath she is like a little water skeeter sliding her tiny self around our big tub.  It's really very very cute.  She dunks her face in at the pool too.  Her teacher is who taught bro and sis, and they are excited that Leighton will learn with her too.

We have so much to look froward to in the next few weeks.
This Saturday is the first activity that I planned for Untied Angel's, this actually makes me nervous (what is nobody comes). I guess Leights will have fun though,
even if no one comes, because she loves singing.

The Walk with Angels is next Saturday, and it will be fun to see our friends
there (and there is still time to join our team).
The biggest and best is we planned a trip to Disneyland.  I'm SO SO SO excited.  I think Leighton will LOVE it. I know the other kids will they just cant wait.  Leighton is the funnest because she is such a go with the flow baby, and she enjoys adventure.  She'll go down the hugest noisy slides and smiles the whole way.  Plus her favorite commercial is the Get Away Today one with all the Disney shots.

I'm going to miss summer, but there is a lot to look forward too in the Fall.

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  1. When are you going to dland? We are supposed to go next mon - wed, but now we're not sure about wes' work and a merger that supposed to happen.