Sunday, August 5, 2012

My life, The Big Balloon!

I haven't really been taking pictures very much lately. 

We did get family pictures taken last week though.  I can't wait to see them. 

Leighton LOVES to eat out.
(Leights eating with her BFF)

So maybe I haven't ordered a new hard drive and I haven't been motivated to take pictures because I know how hard it will be to save them.  

I really need to.  I need to do a lot of things actually. 
I have a huge to do list.  
The biggest is cleaning out all the closets and going through clothes before school that is only a few weeks away,  But really who wants to do that?

Some fun news I've had lately...
Is that I got asked to be the newborn play group coordinator for United Angels.  I'm really excited and nervous. (because what if no one wants to come to the activities I plan?)

One of my life goals is to volunteer for a non-profit organization. Something I believed that was important for the community. I thought it would be something I would do in my older years when my kids were raised. How exciting that I get to be a part of it now.  

Having my little Leighton has broaden my life.  

I have had so many great things happen to me since I've had her.  I guess the best way to describe it is to picture my life as a balloon.  It felt comfortable a smaller size, and being pumped fuller was a little uncomfortable and scary at first (I have even thought I might POP a few times), but I've stretched and I'm better for it.  It's just helping me be that great big balloon I want to be.  

That was pretty stupid, but it describes how I feel pretty well.  
It's how I want to think about my life when hard or different things happen...

Don't worry YOU! Your life is just being pumped a little fuller, you'll appreciate it soon!

She helps me continue to broaden and grow.  She is the air my life needed.  Plus she is a complete and absolute joy. I look at her and can't help but think how lucky I am.

 Ms. Popeye....


  1. She is getting so plump! So by adorable!

  2. That's a perfect analogy Jess! I love it actually! I'm so glad you chose to do this blog; it's been a very special way to get to know you & Leightty better. You're very brave to share your life with us and I'm grateful because you've inspired me to be better as I know you've done for others. And Hello? Is event planning like your calling!!!! I'll answer for you... Yup! You'll be great!