Thursday, May 31, 2012

none photos...?!!

I'm so glad summer is finally here.  We don't have school, but baseball camps and dance start up. I'm still crossing my fingers we don't have much going on this summer. I can't wait for swim days, and snow cones.  I'm pretty sure the little bug is going to LOVE the pool.  I haven't had my camera out much this week.  I have some really cute pictures of big sis at her kindergarten graduation..

this was my favorite performance, 
and sister was right on with the choreography. She's got mad skills, 
seriously check her out blowing that pigs house down.

and that's it for this week...well except for a few iPhone shots.

 She's got that cheese bomb smile down, right?
even her fake smile can change your day for the better.

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  1. little miss is getting some lonnnnnng hair!