Saturday, March 28, 2015


Last weekend we left on a Business Trip (meetings for Daddy) to
Palm Beach, Florida. 

 {Tigertail Beach, Marco Island, Naples}

I have always wanted to visit some of Florida's Beaches on the Gulf.  So I begged the hubs to take our Sunday and drive across Florida.  We traveled through the scenic swamps and made our way to Sanibel Island, and Marco Island.

Sanibel….These colors!!

I didn't get the best variety of pictures because 
sand + water + plus camera + short on time isn't the best combination when photoging this monkey.

Marco Island was so fun!

Deep in conversation...

She is telling me she wants to paint her toes pink like mine

the next day we stopped and bought polish and painted her toes.

All ready to go out for dinner.

Stumbled upon a beautiful Church in Palm Beach.
(Betheseda by the Sea)

It was everything Florida should be amazing/ relaxing days in the sunshine.
Oh and we all came home sick with bad colds… 
The End-

Trip Instagrams!

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