Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Education Plan...

Its been awhile since I've written anything but life updates, but I've been thinking about things lately.  So here's one of them.  Leighton's "typical" pre-school didn't work out. I hear so much to treat her like my other children that I just assumed that the pre-school I put my other kids in was the way to go, but it wasn't. What I didn't count on when pushing for treating my child like her typical peers is that there are some things we will need to adapt and If you don't have a willing teacher, it's not going to work. The hard thing is you will see teachers adapt for the bully, the mommy clinger, the stingy toy hoarder. You see your child is actually very intelligent and she isn't pitching fits when she gets left. She doesn't beat up or bully the other kids, but she's kicked out because whats difficult to handle with her isn't considered "typical"behavior.  That mixed with the tag of Special Needs, and your easy to remove from a situation.  So for now we are happy she has her special needs preschool. The teachers are so excited to see her when she goes. She hugs her teacher so tight when she gets dropped off and she blows her and the aides kisses when she leaves and I think…..Hey she's going to school just like kids her age, and maybe this is the best place for her. She's happy, and they are willing to adapt to what she needs so she's included and learning.  She doesn't have to feel different there because she fits in. She has therapist, and aides that help her to progress.  I hear so much positive to push for mainstreaming our kids in school that it was kind of hard on me when it didn't work out. I'm sad that all the positive opportunities for the other kids and Leighton to learn from each other aren't happening, but we can address it again next year. Maybe with another teacher who is willing to adapt teaching methods, and include her.  I have to admit the situation has made me a little gun shy.  I haven't taken Leighton to her new church class (Sunbeams) yet. My first excuse is the sicknesses going around this year are bad, but there is this other reason too. What if the teacher isn't really willing for her to be there? How is it going to feel to get kicked out of church class or know the teacher is disappointed when she shows up. With preschool I could see a look cross her teachers face when we came that she wasn't excited for Leighton to show up.  I chalked it up to my own fears until Her brother came to drop her off with me and he said it to me...I don't think she's happy Leighton's here mom. I tried a dance class with her too, and the teacher seemed excited to have her, but what if a few months in it's the same thing?  It's really hard for me even though she doesn't get it.  My point of writing this is, from here on out,  I'm going to try to find things that are the right things for Leighton. So I won't feel guilty if mainstreaming doesn't work for my child, because it works for someone else's.  Typical or adaptive, I want positive experiences for Leighton. This is what I've learned from schooling with Leighton so far. I'm going for a personalized education plan. 

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  1. I know you will do what's best for her. I hope your Primary president will work with you. Brigham has a helper in his class and she is amazing. She only works with him(she doesn't sub for the teacher if the teacher doesn't show up), and she follows him every year. She helps him get the most out of the class and participate as best he can. Talk to your Primary president and see what can be done. Brigham is eight now, and he and Jonathan both stayed in nursery an extra year, I think that was helpful. Not to say that's what might be best for you, only to consider it an option. It's not like she'll "get behind" in Primary. Although our ward is so small, Brigham's primary class has several ages combined so it's definitely not a big deal. Anyway, just thought I'd mention those as options for Primary. Good luck!